The Company

NuMat Medtech is a leading life-sciences company developing a unique coating technology for dental and orthopedic bone implants with first-in-class multifunctional activity and game-changing potential in the medical implants market.

Market Challenges and Value Proposition

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Pressure on price

NuMat's Coatings are expected to be price competitive.
Cost effective and available raw materials.
Simple, robust and scalable technologies based on wet chemistry.

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Adverse outcomes

NuMat's Coatings may decrease implant failure risk.
Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, should enhance hard and soft tissue integration (decreasing infections and promoting osteointegration).

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Innovation need

NuMat technologies are patented solutions
based on natural molecules.

Improved properties compared with the current market
solutions. Compatible with most implant materials and shapes.

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Unattended niche market

NuMat’s coating technology addresses medical unmet needs.
Reduced implant failure and potentially suitable for patients with impaired bone quality (due to diabetes, osteoporosis, periodontal diseases…).


Product Focus: bioactive nano-surfaces

Bioactive nano-surfaces made of natural molecules covalently bound to titanium or metal alloys will be a combination of an established medical device with proven clinical success with a first-in-class and game-changing coating that provides multifunctional activity.

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Target Market

The market for biomedical implants has a growing potential demand due to the progressive aging of the population and the increasingly positive repercussion on the quality of life of patients, being the main markets United States and Europe.