NuMat MedTech raises 530.000€ for preclinical studies

Palma de Mallorca, 9th of November 2018. NuMat Medtech, a biotech company based in Mallorca, announces today that it has raised 530.000€ in a Seed financing round.

NuMat Medtech focuses its activities on the development of coatings for dental and orthopaedic implants, focusing specially in patients with high risk of implant failure including diabetics and patients with ostheoporosis. The capital acquired in this round, will enable NuMat to progress through in vitro and in vivo studies required to be carried out prior to starting clinical trials.

“The preclinical studies will have to confirm material biocompatibility and test coated medical implants with new innovative 3D printing technology,” said NuMat CSO Dr. Marta Monjo

The seed round funding was secured with an investment lead by the brothers Antonio and Guillermo Ballester, with participation from the VC Caixa Capital Risc and a group of angel investors.

“We’re excited to undertake the development plan of the company with the support and confidence of all our shareholders. We have a huge opportunity to bring our coatings to the market, and manifest interest from several key market players motivate us to work with clear objectives to fulfil the expectations of all our stakeholders,” said NuMat CEO Mr. Antonio Caldentey.

The news have been published in several media including Salut i Força Journal (page 22), BIOIB, Capital Riesgo, Economia de Mallorca and Inversión y finanzas.